Sound acoustics

Good Acoustic is Treasure!

We care about sound conditions!

Solve problems of poor sound absorption and sound insulation.

• Hotel
Acoustic sound isolation is not only for the comfortable living environment, but also for protecting guests’ privacy as an important design goal in hotel room design. Except for rooms, even for supporting facilities, such as the lobby, meeting rooms, gymnasium are all need acoustic design to meet the functional requirements.

• Theater
Theater  is an integrated place for display of drama, opera, dance, and music. With multifunction purpose, acoustic design is very important in theaters.  Terms as ‘soundproof’, ‘architectural design’, ‘shape design’, ‘sound design’ and ‘sound insulation’ are the keywords in theater environments.

• Offices
Room acoustic of office design mainly includes sound insulation design and privacy.  But for open-style office, the emphasis of the acoustic design should focus on communication. The objective is ‘keep words heard the confidentiality’ in a work area, with a good control of reverberation time.

• Concert Hall
For a large concert hall, if the reverberation time should be between 1.8~2.0s is the best. For smaller concert hall, chamber music and other purposes, the reverb time ideals value is 1.2~1.6s.